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How to Tow on Your New Vehicle

Getting a new vehicle is exciting and can open the doors to many new possibilities, including towing. However, it is important to understand how to tell what you can tow in your new car before you hook up. Knowing your max vehicle towing allowance and payload capacity will help you protect your vehicle and your… [Read More]

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Beat the Heat in Your Car This Summer

Summertime brings the heat. Your car is particularly susceptible to warming up due to the metal and glass that makes up its exterior. The following tips from us here at Irvine Auto Center can go a long way when it comes to keeping your cool during the next few months.

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How to Keep Your Car Clean with Pets

Most of us have or have had a pet who loves to come with us on the road. This can mean fur, muddy paw prints, slobber, and everything in-between getting tracked inside your car. There are plenty of options out there that can minimize your clean up time. Below, we here at Irvine Auto Center… [Read More]

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Are You Planning on Driving Abroad? Read This First!

Never plan on driving in another country unless you are somewhat familiar with their laws, guidelines, and road signs. Depending on the country that you plan on visiting, you may see a dramatic difference in how roadways are maintained, navigated, and patrolled. It is dire that you understand what laws you must abide by, and… [Read More]

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Stop Fighting Sand in Your Car This Summer

One of the greatest parts about summer is extra time spent at the beach or at your favorite lakes and rivers. All too often this means the seemingly-endless battle against sand continues to rage on at the expense of your car’s interior. If you think and plan ahead, you can keep sand out of your… [Read More]

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School’s Out! Top Kid-Friendly Trips for Summer Vacation

Summertime is here, and it is time to relax and enjoy some quality time with your family. Choosing the right vacation location is key to getting the most out of your time and energy. The perfect family trip will include entertainment and activities for all ages and give everyone a chance to connect. The following… [Read More]

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How to Help Teen Driver’s Build Road-Ready Confidence

As a parent, one of the most stressful and rewarding things is training your teen driver. Stressful because you are teaching somebody who has no idea what they are doing how to drive but rewarding because it is just one step closer to your teenager become a successful and independent adult. Looking to build a… [Read More]

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How to Prevent Sun Damage on your New Car

Have you ever seen cars with faded or peeling paint? This kind of damage happens over time as your car is exposed to the sun. Now that you have bought yourself a new car it is time to learn how to prevent sun damage on car paint. We here at Irvine Auto Center want to… [Read More]

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